Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Simply to start off with, what is a Jetpack plug-in? It was created in order to bridge the gap between the Wordpress software and the features that were created but not available to the self hosted wordpress programs. With a jetpack plug-in, a user is able to connect to the vast options available.
So why has the jetpack become so well known?
Well the reason for jetpack’s success is because of the following reasons:

A Simple, Easy to Use System:

This system is able to provide simple and clear stats to the system so that it is easier for the user to understand all the information in layman terms. There are also email subscriptions available for the users who would want to create their own accounts so that they are able to communicate with fellow Word press users at a more secure and comfortable level.
The most interesting format is that it has a system that Is similar to that someone would see in a popular social networking site, such as the option of liking a photo or a comment, showing the interest in your work and the option to state your own view and comment, to give feedback to your prose and photographs.
Also, this also enables the wordpress page to be synchronised with the famous trending social networking sites as well, such as facebook and twitter, as the work done can be shared to those sites so that it would get wider exposure.

Unlike others, this is not an extension that needs to be bought on line or as an extension tool for the Wordpress to make it run efficiently. It is already provided free of cost to the customers who download wordpress. So the customer does not have to worry about having to pay for something that is already free. There may be certain features that might have to be paid for in the future, but right now everything Jetpack is, is free!

Special Features:

There are some amazing features available in the jetpack that is useful as well as funny at the same time. For example, there is the Math feature, where you can let go of the geek inside and let it work through all the mathematical language and the mark-ups and margins of the work in its own unique way. Also, using the CSS editor, you can customise your website, making it look better without having to remove the theme and the essence of the website. For mobile applications, there is the Push Notification option available to inform the user of the latest news on the go!
In Short, having the Jetpack plug in involved really has set the standard for word press’s growth to new heights, as it serves to improve upon the word press’s core structure and simultaneously introduce new features that the customers would want. Hence, we can see improvement in the near future.


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