Friday, March 21, 2014

2 Basic rules to save your Monetizing Account

Are you trying to monetize your blog or website for too long and couldn't get success in this quest right? Have you tried so many or just few famous Affiliate programs such as Google's Adsense, Infolinks, Yahoo's Monetizing program and some other? Are you facing the problem of getting banned from them by some reasons and you couldn't figure out what was your mistake?

Here in this post we will be discussing two main (but neglected) Terms by almost every Affiliate Program.
Getting banned is not a new thing when you are doing blogging and are curious about making money overnight or as early as you could. to get yourself in a safe position take a look on these two factors and see if you're not involve in any of the activity.

Invalid Clicks:
You set up your blog and are very excited about this. You attached your monetizing account with your blog, placed codes and are waiting for someone to click, but many of you are not aware of this thing that you can't click on your own ads. Yes this is against the rules set by every monetizing program.

What does it means?

Clicking own your own ads means you use internet cafes or your friend's computer or any other device through which you can access your blog and click on ads shown there. But wait this will be counted as cheating (Obviously) and you cannot deceive them by changing your IP or location.
The program managers are not a fool or you are not as smart as you think you are if you adopt this way. They take strict notice on your ads and user's activity because they have to give genuine traffic to the advertisers who invest their money in that particular program and if they won't get any sale then they won't invest more money which causes zero earning by you and also by Affiliate programs.
So if you think that by clicking on your ads will give you some instant money than you should immediately leave this idea.

Urge Users for Ad clicking:
The second thing that you should not do is, do not encourage visitors or regular users to click your ads by any means such as asking them to supporting you by clicking your affiliate's advertisement or making any kind of deal with them (means they will get paid if they click on ads).
·         Here are some more guidelines which you should not practice to get clicks
·         You should not label your ads under these kind of wordings "Top Deal" or "Most Favorite Site".
·         You should not design your website in a way that it proves difficult for user to distinguish between normal text and Ads.
·         You should not place ads in such a manner that user "unwillingly" click on them.
·         You should abstain from placing such an image which gives the idea to click ads.

every program frequently change their terms and condition time to time so you should also check for new updates and announcement which can be found on their official blogs or fan pages.